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September 07, 2010


Michael Hutter

Matt: Thanks for the info. The State Reporter is doing a great job of making readily and publicly available the decisions of our state courts. But the Court of Appeals appears to be unaware of this work. Recently, I cited in a brief to the COA a Supreme Court judge's decision that is readily available from the State reporter's website with its NY Slip Op ciation. The Clerk's office informed me that I need to file 25 copies of that decision as the decision is not readily available as required by the COA's Rules of Practice. Go figure! As a result in the not so distant future I am facing the prospect of filing 25 copies of 30 decisions from the APP Term (NF benefits case) which only have a NY Slip Op cite.

Michael Hutter

BTW, it's good to see you back.


Thanks, Mike. I'm surprised. The Court works closely with the LRB. Good luck with your appeal.

David M. Gottlieb

What's the issue on appeal?

David M. Gottlieb

The RSS is more or less useless from what I can tell. It only gives you the caption and a link. If it included the decision, that would be better. And you could filter the decisions for whatever issues you found interesting. For example a filter that pulled every decision that had the word "hearsay" would be great.

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