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October 23, 2007


Bill Altreuter

Why wouldn't the Gov re-appoint Judge Ciparick? She is certainly well-qualified. Too bad for Justice Freedman, whose name is on the list every time, and who is also an outstanding judge, but I don't see it happening this time.

Lawrence N. Rogak

I wonder how it would be if New York judges were selected on an "American Idol" or "Survivor"-type show. Or perhaps a show called "Who Wants To Be A Judge" with Regis Philbin asking a series of questions. While that would be ridiculous, it wouldn't be much worse than the system currently in use.

Roswell P. Flower

Of course, Judge Ciparik is as qualified -- if not more so -- than a freshman (though distinguished) African-American jurist.

But I find the whole discussion hard to swallow. Are we to believe that Gov. Paterson couldn't have made his preference known thorough one or more of his highly public appearances over the past months leading up to Judge Kaye's retirement?

It's more likely that he never gave it a passing thought, at least until confronted by renegade Democrats in the State Senate who are fed up with their party's mistreatment of NY's growing Hispanic populace.

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