In 2004, I created New York Civil Law when I first entered private practice. Somehow, New York Civil Law gained attention and a number of loyal readers over 4 or 5 years. I enjoyed the writing, legal analysis, and the relationships that developed through the weblog.

The blogging screeched to halt after 5 years, however, when a number of life events happened all at once. Some things were positive: I became partner of a law firm and two years later my twin boys were born. Other things were equally life changing, but less positive: I faced a third bout with lymphoma and shortly thereafter experienced burnout.

My life has calmed down considerably since then. I now have time to return to blogging, which gives me great joy and intellectual stimulation.

There will be legal blog posts on Monday and Friday, with posts about attorney anxiety, depression, and burnout on Thursday.

Happy reading, Matt Lerner

(The analysis and opinions of these posts are my own and are solely for educational purposes. They should not be taken as endorsement or criticism as part of my position as a court-attorney referee in the New York State Unified Court System)