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January 03, 2006



I belive that the Civil Rules have also been modified with respect to the 60 day letter following argument or submission of motions. Just can't find anything to confirm this. Believe the new rule will be 202.8(h).


Eddie--I suspect the same thing based upon the title of this article from the NY Law Journal: "60 Day Rule" added to Section 202.8 of the Uniform Civil Rules for motions not decided within 60 days. Link:

Unfortunately, I don't have a subscription to the NY Law Journal and I haven't been able to verify it from any other source (such as the NY Courts web site) either.


I've confirmed that the Uniform Civil Rules have changed as well--but only after a bit of research. I posted the specifics about it at my blog, Sui Generis. I'm not sure why a press release was issued regarding the changes to the Commercial Division Rules and one was not issued for the change to the Uniform Civil Rules, given that it appears to be an important one.


Thanks for the info Nicole. Good luck with your blog. I'll be sure to visit daily.

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